About us


What is Cocktail Commons?

This little shop started on our living room couch after a long day of work and finally getting our kid into bed, while drinking moderately priced whiskey - out of really nice glassware. We laughed as we coined the phrase, "we can't do it all, but we can do it some" and began wondering how many people out there were like us. People who don't have all the best things but at the end of the day were super thankful to be able to toast to the good life - no matter how small, messy or imperfect. So whoever you are and however you got here, we're so thankful to welcome you to Cocktail Commons - where life is real, community is everything and the well-made cocktails never stop flowing.

Meet Burley

Ben has worked in the foodservice industry since he was 15. He has also worked about 342 other odd jobs over the years but slingin drinks is what stuck. From an ice cream shop to a barista, a prep cook to a delivery driver and finally a server, he then skipped town (with his smokin hot wife) and landed a bartending job in Denver, CO. Being behind the bar is where Ben felt most at home and the first time work didn’t feel so much like work. He enjoys people - a lot. He likes having good conversations and enjoys helping others do the same.
Skip forward a few years and Ben came back to Atlanta, started working for Jerry Slater at H. Harper Station (may she RIP). There, Ben was able to learn a lot about the art of crafting a cocktail and even more about how to be a gracious host who builds quality community. One thing led to another and he went on to help open the James Beard award nominated Staplehouse, named the best new restaurant in America by Bon Appetit magazine - which is where he remains today when he’s not out sourcing and selling one-of-a-kind vintage glassware.